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Mail a Mini Party

November 13th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Mini PartyJust because Halloween is over doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating it. Lovely Indeed has a great idea for packaging up a miniature party and mailing it off to someone in need of a bit of gothic cheer.

She notes that her package contents were mainly gathered from whatever supplies she had laying around the house, and if you’ve got leftovers from other projects (or if, like me, you tend to buy likely-looking items even if you aren’t sure what to do with them) this is a fun way to use them up. Right now, however, there are still post-Halloween clearance sales at craft and party stores, and you should be able to stock up on interesting tidbits for a song.*

Just about any small, non-breakable item can be added to your “party,” so look around for DIY party favor ideas (HGTV has some attractive options) and interesting novelties. Throw in some candy, confetti, and a few plastic spiders and send some miniature spookiness to someone special.

*If you’re into gloomy crafting you should get in the habit of doing this anyway because skulls, bats, and other useful decorative items are pretty thin on the ground in February. Wait until after Halloween, buy everything at half-off, and you can craft happily all year for cheap.

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