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Head Like a Holder

June 15th, 2007 by Cobwebs

Doll Head Candle HolderHere’s a decorative item that has loads of possibilities for the crafty types amongst us. The commercially-available version of this is, uh, pricey,* but it could be replicated at home, and better.

Visit your local ceramics store (they’re all over the place, and they pour all kinds of kitsch) and buy an appropriately-sized doll’s head in greenware. Drill a candle-sized hole in it, then take it back and have them fire it for you. You can leave it plain or paint it (make sure that the paint you use is for ceramics). Easy and cheap!

*I wouldn’t spend $80 on something that didn’t give people the fantods, let alone something I had to hide when my mom came to visit.

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