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Link Dump

February 27th, 2008 by Cobwebs

When your Drafts list gets over six pages long, it’s time to do some dumpin’.

Three Stencil Projects – Easy instructions for etching a stencil on glass, making some neat “splatter shoes,” and stenciling a pumpkin.

Hand Me Up – Nice tutorial for enlarging a child’s favorite shirt after it’s outgrown. This same technique could also be used for adult clothes to, say, give a favorite black shirt hot-pink sleeves.

Lacy Skull Tablecloth – Sadly, there are no instructions. Just a picture. But if you know how to crochet and are feeling ambitious, this would be gorgeous as a tablecloth, smaller doily, or even a shawl.

Two coffee table books – The Mütter Museum is a Victorian-era medical museum of unique anatomical and pathological specimens, instruments, and models. It also has an historic archive of medical photos, most of which have never been displayed publicly. The Mütter Museum covers the displays, and Mütter Museum Historic Medical Photographs is a collection of the photographs. The Mütter is a fascinating and creepy place, and these books should be equally interesting and unsettling.

New and Improved Stereotypes – Maori Tribesmen have an innate sense of insurance law, the Irish can’t see hypercolors, and other improved stereotypes.

Laboratory-Style Light Switch – If you’re not afraid of things that go “zap!” here’s a video tutorial for installing a “Frankenstein”-type knife switch to control some 12-Volt lights. Great for giving a room that Cyberpunk look.

Joy of Socks – Novelty socks and tights, including several with skulls, spiders, and other gloomy necessities.

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