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Mad Tea Party

July 3rd, 2008 by Cobwebs

Snail GirlsA Fanciful Twist–who, from the number of exclamation points on her blog, probably takes amphetamines to calm down–recently threw a “Mad Tea Party” costume extravaganza. She made all manner of paper and scrap fabric decorations, and the resulting carnival atmosphere is simply amazing.

This would be a fun party theme, whether or not you choose to do something as elaborate. eHow has a list of suggestions for planning a Mad Tea Party, and this shop offers a selection of Alice-themed party supplies (some are rather cutesy; beware). Obviously, you can always look to the books for additional inspiration.

I like tea parties because you can serve lots of little nibbly foods, many of which can be made in advance or purchased. You don’t have to worry about keeping dishes hot, and guests can select whatever bits suit them.

You can extend the drink theme beyond mere tea, of course. Years ago when I worked for Disney, I gave some of my more favored co-workers bottles of homemade cranberry cordial with fancy “Drink Me” tags. Any sort of unusual tipple–orange wine, apricot ratafia, and so on–would be a good choice for a similar presentation.

Dress up in a top hat or pinafore (or, um, both, I guess) and enjoy yourself!

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