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Scream House Needlework Case

July 25th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Scream HouseThe Silver Needle is taking pre-orders for this cute etui kit by Just Nan. Bats, ghosts, and spooky trees adorn the outside, and there’s a pumpkin pincushion and straps for scissors and other supplies inside.

The shop also sells Victorian mourning pins for use with the kit, although these might be nice to use for everyday sewing as well (you can never have too much black, in my book).

The kit isn’t cheap–nearly $80–but even if that’s currently out of your price range you can still use it for inspiration. A similar box might be made out of squares of plastic cross-stitching canvas; stitch a spooky motif of your choice on each one, then stitch the pieces together at the edges. There’s also a free pattern for a simpler needlework “book” here; just replace the swan with a bat or a spider.

If you enjoy doing needlework, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a sewing kit that reflects your personality. I love all the little details on this one.

Link (via Stitch Bitch)

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