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Speleobooks: Your One-Stop Bat Resource

July 28th, 2008 by Cobwebs

NecktieNo, really. This site started out as a used bookstore for cavers (spelunkers), but at some point veered sharply into bat-themed merchandise.

They’ve got clothing. They’ve got jewelery. They’ve got household accessories and plush toys and vintage artwork and books and candles and desktop toys and sculptures and stationery and…let’s just say that if it’s got a bat on it, they probably carry it.

Some of the bats are cutesy (natch), but many of them are elegant and lovely. They have many unusual items from all over the world. I particularly like the Art Nouveau bat brooch and the Bat Faces vintage print.

The Christmas cards imprinted with, “I Guano Wish You A Merry Christmas” alone are worth a trip to the site.


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