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Monster Mummies

March 11th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Demon MummyPink Tentacle has a post about the mummified “monsters” that lurk in Japanese temples and museums. Most are of the Jenny Haniver/Feejee Mermaid variety, but there are a number of different examples that might provide inspiration for artwork.

If you can find good-quality photos of some of these mummies, a collection of framed prints would be an interesting decorative focus for a room. You might also try your hand at building a small “mummy” using a plastic skeleton as a starting point (Dapper Cadaver has a nice–and expensive–example). Embellish it with polymer clay, bits of cheesecloth, a dried fish tail, or whatever else catches your fancy. Paint or corpse it to tie all the elements together, then pop it in glass display case and display it as an unusual objet d’art.

If you’re not feeling quite that ambitious, “mummify” a hand and display it under a bell jar with an antiqued label identifying it as a monkey’s paw.

I love the “what if…?” nature of these kinds of faked mummies, and their vintage looks make them an appealing decorative element for any room that needs an elegantly gothic touch.

(via Strange Attractor)

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