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March 13th, 2009 by Cobwebs

I’m engaging in a little spring cleaning of my Drafts folder. Please to be enjoying the results of my obsessive tendencies.

Knitted…Thing Roundup – All kinds of knitted monsters and creepy things.

SF Signal has a review of a new short story collection called Poe, which sounds intriguing.

“Vampire” Discovered in Mass Grave – New Scientist article about a skeleton which appears to have been treated as though it were a vampire. (It’d be interesting if they removed the brick and it woke up, huh?)

How to Haunt Your House – Self-published book by a couple of “master haunters.” Although it appears to focus mainly on props, it looks like there might be some interesting ideas for year-round decorating as well. Plus the site has lots of tutorials and resource links.

Flow Armchair – Armchair upholstered in an interesting “human anatomy” print. First you sit down, and then it eats you.

Healthy Halloween Ingredients – Useful list of good-for-you foods that incorporate easily into a party menu.

Thinking Outside the Donation Box – Ideas for using doilies and other donated linens for original clothing.

I’ve often said, what we really need is a Cthulhu Musical….

Dark Style – Blog devoted to all sorts of lovely dark decorating and design projects.

Interactive Mummification – University of Chicago’s interactive tutorial which explains the ancient Egyptian practice of mummification. Use a hook to remove the brain through the nose, extract the internal organs and place them in canopic jars, wrap the body in linen. Fun for the whole family!

Hello Kitty Zombie Birthday Cake – That’s a lot of cognitive dissonance to pack into one link. The cake is awesome, though.

Eerie Elegance – Party resource book by Britta, who runs the awesome Halloween party site Britta Blvd.

Free Pincushion Pattern – Cute little hedgehog pattern from Urban Debris.

Badger Cover Gallery – Great collection of campy-looking book covers for SF and fantasy novels. These would be a great source of artwork for collages or other projects.

Fang Contacts – I have never wanted a pair of contact lenses so badly in my life.

Uruk-Hai Unhappy with Portrayal in Films – This sounds eerily realistic, actually.

The Cuddly Menace – An entertaining parody of Little Golden Books.

Samurai Sword Umbrella – The rain falls softly. The samurai draws his sword. Look, an umbrella.

Weiner Dog Races – Clear your calendar, because you’ll spend the rest of the day here.

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