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Poison Label Generator

March 19th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Poison Label

I was digging around in my archives recently and found some scans of vintage poison labels. I haven’t played around with PHP and GD for a while, so I wrote a little “pick your poison” generator which will let you add your own text to the labels in an authentic-looking font. Add friends’ names and use them as place cards, or soak the labels off of wine bottles and substitute these. They’d also make cute “save the date” reminders with wedding details printed on the back.

(Why yes, I am a big geek. Why do you ask?)

Incidentally, if you’re looking for some more spiffy poison labels, check out:

Spookshows – Nice high-resolution scans of vintage labels.

Chronophobia – Scans of vintage poison labels, which are attractive but a tad on the murky side. (via Wedding Skulls)

Virtual Bargains, Go Antiques and Collage Closet all sell real vintage labels. These would be fun to use in a collage, or framed and matted separately and massed on a wall.

Alpha Stamps – The “Doc’s Black Bag” collage sheets have some attractive reproduction labels.

Madame Talbot’s – Sells vintage poison bottles; on the expensive side, but quite lovely. (See also this and this for tips on collecting vintage bottles. Beats the heck out of collecting, say, Precious Moments figurines.)

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