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Moebius Monster Models

May 12th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Aurora KitI don’t miss much about the 1970s–especially the fashions–but one thing that gives me a nostalgic pang is the wonderful Aurora model kits featuring classic movie monsters. My grandparents owned a hobby shop and my dad did some gorgeous detailing on several of the models* for display. I have very fond memories of the toothless old Witch in her workroom, the Mummy shambling out of his sarcophagus, and the Victim…being strangely ineffectual.

That’s why I’m thrilled to discover that Moebius has reissued seven of Aurora’s Monster Scenes models, right down to the wonderful box art.

I may have to get the Hanging Cage as a desk accessory. I’m always looking for new ways to keep people out of my cubicle.

(via BoingBoing)

*I do mean gorgeous. Things like gluing fake fur all over the werewolf. My family’s motto is, “If a Thing is Worth Doing, it is Worth Overdoing.”

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