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July 1st, 2009 by Cobwebs

Dracula GameWant to play a game with a few like-minded individuals, but don’t want to devote six hours to a round of Vampire: The Masquerade? Here are a few suggestions for card- and board games with zombie, ghost, or vampire themes.

Zombie Fluxx – A riff on the popular Fluxx card game, but with zombies. Their expansion pack includes a flamethrower, plus new art of zombies like a ballerina and a boy scout.

Dia de Los Muertos – A trick-taking card game in which you send animals, then children, then adults on to the afterlife.

Dracula – A two-player board game in which Dracula looks for victims, van Helsing is looking for vampire coffins, and each must battle the minions of the other.

Zombiegeddon – Armageddon starts tonight. Spend the first half of the game trying to gather supplies, and the second half trying to survive the zombies.

Ghost Chase – Ghost hunters explore a haunted mansion, trying to find the ghost. The hunters can collaborate if they wish, but only one can win by capturing the ghost.

Dawn Under – This is a memory-type game in which vampires search for vacant graves to occupy before the sun rises. If they open a tomb which already has an occupant or contains garlic, they are penalized.

Last Night on Earth – A fast-paced game with a B-movie feel where some players are Heroes, some are Zombies, and they fight tooth, nail, and shotgun in the heart of a small town.

Ghost for Sale – Compete with others to purchase old castles and mansions. A resident ghost or two will add cachet; too many will terrorize visitors.

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