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Another Darn Link Dump

July 10th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Mini-Monster Kit – Includes all of the materials you need to make a monster of your very own. A DIY version of this might make a nice gift for a child, too.

Ribcage Bag – A felted bag shaped like a human ribcage, complete with a change purse screen-printed with a heart.

Mrs. Lovett Prom Dress – Inspired by the “heroine” of Sweeney Todd, this dress is simply lovely.

Zombie Neurobiology – A Harvard psychiatrist discusses how zombies think.

Skeleton Bicycle – This is just gorgeous. (via Haunt Style)

Salome Coffee Set – Kind of a pretentious description and a hefty price tag, but I bet it’d be easy to do something similar with cheap whiteware and cereamic paint.

I’ve Become My Mother Shirt – At some point, we all turn into our mothers, no?

Tampon Finger Puppet – I don’t even want to know where the inspiration for this came from, but it’s actually really…cute.

Painted Glass Plates – I love the skeleton “trees” on this project at Craftster.

Curses – An interactive adventure game in which the object is to break an ancient curse that’s been placed on your family. It was originally a PC game, but it’s been ported to Java and is available to play for free online.

Shadow Manor Twitter Feed – This is just an automated tweet whenever there’s a new post up. One of my readers recently alerted me that Bloglines hadn’t been picking up this blog’s RSS feed since mid-June. We’re not sure why (and Google Reader picks it up properly), but if you’re not getting the blog updates you can subscribe to the Twitter feed so you don’t have to do anything as old-fashioned as actually checking the site for new posts.

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