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Harry Potter Craft Roundup

July 16th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Death Eater MaskIn honor of the new movie (finally!) being released, Instructables has done a roundup of Harry Potter-themed crafts.

From lovely wands to henna Dark Marks, there are all kinds of easy projects. Some of these would be a fun party craft activity; it’d be easy to make a bunch of the paper wands and let guests decorate them. (I once did this with great success for a child’s party, using wooden dowels as the wand base, but the pretty paper ones would even be suitable for adults.)

Incidentally, the wands are from the DadCanDo site, which used to provide the instructions for free but now charge for the downloads. I’m pleased to see the free version is still available at Instructables. (Do check out the DCD site for inspiration, though; they’ve got a whole page of wands made by members, and they’re wonderful.)

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