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Shirts at Woot

July 23rd, 2009 by Cobwebs

w00tI like shirt.woot: They sell a different T-shirt every day, and their commentary is hilarious. My pal Kitten Herder recently hit their site and sent me a bunch of links that she found amusing. I love it when somebody else writes half my blog post for me.

Check these out:

Nevermore – An image of a raven composed of the words of Poe’s poem.

Grim Optimism – Death comes for a cute little squirrel.

Donut Panic – A jelly doughnut meets a grisly end.

You Have to Try This Guys – This is the kind of bunny that I suspect lives around my house.

It Came Out of Nowhere – More geeky than gothy, but it amused me anyway.

Dystopia Dark Lager – The heck with a shirt, I want beer labels with this imprint.

No longer available, but these also amused me: Friends Are Forever, Jimmy…is That You?, and The Devil is in the Details.

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