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A Link Dump! How Wonderfully Unexpected!

July 24th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Palimpsest Review – io9 reviews a book with an interesting premise: A city you can only visit if you sleep with someone who’s been there. It sounds odd and rather spooky.

Custom Six-Pack – Instructions on changing out the artwork on a six-pack of commercial beer for something custom. This was a project for Fathers Day, but it’d make a nice gift any time of year.

Wedding Invitation – A highly original wedding invite.

Reclamations – Artist Thomas Doyle combines miniature figures with found objects, creating strange and disturbing vignettes.

Skeleton Doggie – I love the body paint on this pooch.

Spider Catcher – Interesting DIY device made out of an old audio cassette holder. If you’re squeamish about picking up spiders but don’t want to kill them, this might be a useful tool.

Fallen Princesses – Photographer Dina Goldstein’s series portraying what happened to various Disney princesses after “happily ever after.”

The Bazaarium – Victorian-ish stuff, mostly prints and other paper items. Their “silhouette” series is hilarious.

Easy Fabric Mask – Tutorial on making quick and easy domino-type masks.

Tactical Corsets – Just in case you expect to be shot at while stripping.

Nuanced Bumper Stickers – “My other car is substantially similar to this one. Thank you for your interest in my other car.”

LED Ghosties – Evil Mad Scientist Labs has a cute project for Halloween.

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