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Skull Placecard Holders

August 6th, 2009 by Cobwebs

PlaceholdersBadder Homes and Gardens recently linked to these gold-plated skull placecard holders, priced at a mere $195 per pair.

This is a particularly headdesk-worthy item, because miniature plastic skulls and gold spray paint are cheap.

Anatomical used to carry a very inexpensive version with articulated jaws, but it’s not in their current catalog. They do offer a somewhat more expensive version which comes complete with a little model brain, and their “Mr. Thrifty” skulls are widely available from other vendors (such as here and here). Skeleton Store is also offering this bag of miniature skulls, but I can’t tell from the photo whether the jaws are hinged or not.

Spritz ’em with a little spray paint (make sure you get the kind that sticks to plastic), cover them with glitter, or tart them up however else you see fit. Write your guests’ names on little squares of cardstock (or use some of the fancy punch-out cards that fit in a computer printer), and you’re all set. For the $200 that the gold-plated skulls cost you could outfit a whole dinner party and you wouldn’t have to worry about guests pocketing the holders.

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