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Skeleton Cardigan

September 18th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Cardigan(Oh Noes! Where is this week’s link dump?!? It’ll be back soon; I plumb ran out of links this week.)

CRAFT has a great two-part video post on how to turn a digital image into a knitting pattern, and then how to turn that pattern into a cute skeleton cardigan.

They include a downloadable PDF of the pattern used in the video, but you could use the same image processing technique to turn all kinds of spooky stuff into knitwear. Winter is coming (at least in this hemisphere) and you may as well greet the cold stylishly.

There’s still time before Christmas to run up one or two of these as presents, too. Matching his-and-hers skeleton sweaters would be an adorable and relatively inexpensive gift.

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