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Zombie Defense is Everyone’s Business

June 8th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Zombie Defense StationCraftster member Bunny in a Bear made this “zombie defense station,” and it is just jaw-droppingly wonderful. It includes a shotgun and shells, machete, helpful instructions, and the front panel doubles as a riot shield. His post includes information on how he obtained/made the various items, and other than having to drill a couple of holes in a sheet of plexiglas the whole thing could be made by even the least crafty amongst us.

This would be a marvelous gift for the zombie-loving person in your life, and you could also take the same basic idea and modify it for other monsters: A vampire emergency kit with a stake and vial of holy water, a werewolf version with silver bullets and a bottle marked “dried wolfsbane,” and so on.

Bonus Link: If you aren’t quite up to building a wall unit, check out this cute zombie hunter gift pack. There’s some great inspiration for giving someone the gift of mayhem.

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