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Bath & Body Works “Boo-Tique”

September 6th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Wallflowers PluginIt’s about time. Shadaughter had a summer job at Bath & Body Works, and several weeks ago she brought home a bunch of miniature Halloween-themed hand gel samplers for Shadowboy.* I’ve been waiting to mention them until they were finally released at the store and online, and it looks like BBW has finally got their autumn act together.

The online Boo-Tique seems to only carry a subset of what’s available in stores, but they’ve got several cute items that are worth a look; I particularly like the little bat fragrance plugin; it would be an appealing year-round accessory in a bathroom or kitchen.

If you’ve got a store near you, look for hand soap and sanitizer in fragrances like “Bat Bite” and “Zombie Squad” (the minis are perfect for slipping into a purse or pocket), plus lots of pumpkin/spice items like candles and air fresheners.

The seasonal items don’t hang around very long, so if you want your house to smell of Vampire Blood** in April, you’d better stock up now.

*Which he loved beyond all reason. For two solid weeks he reeked of candy corn.

**Vampire blood smells like plums. Who knew?

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