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Link Dump on the Orient Express

November 5th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Skeleton Dress – Gorgeous knit dress. A bit expensive, but it might be possible to DIY something similar, either with knit or applique.

Patience Worth: Author From the Great Beyond – Interesting article about a “ghost” who wrote literature via ouija board.

Even Monsters Need Haircuts – Cute kids’ book about a little boy who uses his dad’s barbershop at night to help monsters with their grooming needs.

“This Body Will Be a Corpse” – Unusually forthright T-shirt with a message that is either soothingly Zen or sort of creepy.

Teen Pregnancy at Hogwarts – This made me giggle inappropriately.

Dioramas! – Tumblr blog in the “Fuck Yeah X” vein. A few interesting spooky ones.

The October Game – Creepy short story by Ray Bradbury.

Spiderpodium – Dock for cellphones, iPods, and other electronic devices. Shaped like a spider with poseable legs.

Tentacle Pot Pies – Ridiculously cute individual pot pies. (Hat tip to Skye)

Miss Havisham Cake – Marvelous, faux-vermin-infested show cake. It was disqualified for being “in poor taste,” which is just ridiculous.

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