The Art of Darkness


November 22nd, 2010 by Cobwebs

Skull RingSites that permit you to custom-manufacture various items have been gaining popularity on the Web over the past couple of years: Lulu lets you print your own books, places like Cafepress allow you to customize T-shirts, and Spoonflower offers on-demand custom fabrics.

And now there’s a new service that is kind of blowing my mind. Shapeways will print 3-D objects for you.

They use the same additive manufacturing technology that’s become so popular for rapid prototyping, where multiple layers of material are “printed” on top of each other until a 3-dimensional object is built up. They provide an interface to design objects of your own, and you can also upload a design that you’ve created in a CAD program.

In addition to creating unique objects or prototypes for your own use, they also offer an Etsy-type store where you can sell your creations (such as the skull ring pictured above).

This service is a huge boon to those of us with no sculpting ability whatsoever, or for anyone who wants to (for instance) create a one-of-a-kind ring without investing in metallurgy tools.

(via Curious Goods, who is selling the Key to Oz)

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