The Art of Darkness

Godzilla vs. the Link Dump

December 14th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Graveyarn – Free pattern for crocheting a miniature grave.

Six-Year-Old Performs Heavy Metal Mic Check – Somebody get this kid a band.

Serene Knowledge – Strange and disturbing microfiction.

Handy Rules for the Creation of Lethal Mutants – Useful tips for the mad scientists amongst us.

Raven – Lovely photo; it would make an interesting tattoo as well. Hooray for corvidae!

Spiders in a Box – Marvelous illusion. I wish I had a room with big windows so I could try this myself. (Hat tip to pdq)

55 Scariest Moments from SF and Fantasy Movies – A roundup.

Dark and Stormy – Evocatively-named cocktail; there’s a popsicle version too.

Estate Jewelry: The Horror – Some neat examples of creepy vintage jewelry.

Magical Gnomes Placemat – The same applique technique could be used to add whimsical little gnomes to clothing, tote bags, or other fabric items.

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