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The Itsy-Bitsy Link Dump

June 7th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Totus Mel Tats – Etsy shop full of lovely tatting work, including the rather wonderfully-named “ankle corsets.” (Hat tip to pdq)

Disney Considers Haunted Mansion-Themed Hotel Rooms – I would check in and refuse to leave.

Flowers Made from Mouse Bones – These are weirdly lovely. (via Cat)

Black Death – Free shawl/wrap knitting pattern.

The Shambling Guide to New York City – Amusing novel about a travel writer who gets a job writing tourist guides for monsters. The author discusses the work in a Big Idea here.

Plasticland – Lovely goth/retro clothing, accessories, and decor. (Hat tip to Cookie)

Ghost Pig – Odd little sculptural thing depicting a porcine phantom arising from a sliced ham.

Historical Sewing – Fantastic resource site for period costuming. (Hat tip to LimeyFish)

Greatest Wedding Photo in the History of the World – I’m sad that I didn’t think of this kind of Photoshoppery when I got married. (Click “Hide” to get rid of the annotations.)

Girlprops – Inexpensive jewelry and accessories. Some goth-friendly stuff like bats and medieval weapons. This would be a good source for costume or craft supplies. (Hat tip to Terri)

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