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Tattoo Show and Tell

July 4th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Flock of Bats TattooI’m feeling silly today, so I’m declaring a reader interaction day.

I see a lot of posts about tattoos in my Facebook feed,* from friends either showing off their latest acquisition or planning their next piece of art. If you have tats, tell us about them in the comments: What are they, and why did you choose them? If you’re planning a new one, what do you want to get? Feel free to post links to photos (although a “NSFW” warning, if appropriate, is appreciated).

I’ll go first: I currently have none, because although my husband has many wonderful qualities an appreciation of tattoos is not amongst them. Someday, however, I shall have bats; either a flock of the friendly little creatures as shown above, or a nature scene like this one. (I can’t find an attribution for the flock; the sleeve is by Matthew Amey.)

Now it’s your turn: Tell us about your inky aspirations!

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