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Wire “Elf Ears”

October 3rd, 2013 by Cobwebs

Elf EarsThe Goblin Market posted the photo at left (unattributed, of course) to Facebook the other day and I thought, “Gee, what a unique idea; should be easy to find the artist.” So I started googling and it quickly became clear that elf ear cuffs are definitely a thing and I am just really late to the party.

They’re all over Etsy, in a vast array of styles, from shops including Belethil, MadeByKozee, EluneAraBijoux, ElfinWorks, KunoichiCreations, AltPercept, SalmonNaturals, KimberlyNichole, and ensorceller. (A few more interesting one-off designs from other shops are here, here, here, and here.) The ears from the original photo were apparently made by Starlit Skies.

There’s a tutorial for making your own available for purchase but, unsurprisingly, there are plenty of free instructions as well; there are three here, here, and here, but googling “how to make wire ear cuffs” will turn up plenty more.

Obviously, you needn’t restrict yourself to elf ears; you could bend the wire into bat wings or some other interesting shape. The basic idea doesn’t look terribly difficult, and you can add detail as desired. The results are certainly striking.

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