The Art of Darkness

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Link Dump

October 4th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Zombie Engagement Shoot – This kind of photoshoot is becoming oddly common, but I like that the rest of the wedding party are zombified by the end of the session. (Hat tip to xJane)

Spiderweb Bra – The price is patently ridiculous, but the design is cute. There are also matching (similarly overpriced) panties

Animated Portraits of Cyborgs – These animated collages by “Sholim” Rajkovic are decidedly unnerving. (via Bonni)

Creepy Doll Mobile – DIY for making a spooky mobile from thrifted dolls. The inspiration was also amusing.

How to Make Halloween Lanterns – Easy instructions for making lovely luminaria-style lanterns out of vellum and picture frames.

Digital Taxidermy – Splendid photoshopped mashups of disparate animals. I especially like the owl spider. (via WitchArachne)

Steampunk PC – Amazingly elaborate casemod.

Poseable Dragon Figurine – These adorable little dragons are all jointed, so they can curl up and nap in your hand. (There’s an English translation near the bottom of the page.)

Skull Half Mask – Protective mask for paintball and similar sports.

Superfight! – Card game which allows you to answer questions like, “Can a Pope who shoots lightning (but can’t see) defeat a chimp who throws grenades (but is handcuffed to a golf cart)?” (Hat tip to Jes)

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