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The Link Dump of Dr. Caligari

October 11th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Monsters of New York – Wonderful images of whimsical monsters added to photos taken around New York City.

The Haunted Garden – Odd little Tumblr devoted to botanical myths and legends.

A Book is a Sneeze – Letter from E.B. White discussing Charlotte’s Web which includes some lovely thoughts about spiders.

The Gibson Girl’s Guide to Make-Up – A guide to historical makeup, with suggestions for period-inspired looks.

Omar Rayyan – Artist who specializes in wonderfully surreal paintings. I particularly like his Contessa with Squid.

Bat Molding – The subtle bat relief on the Penn Mutual building is lovely.

12 Horrifying Photos of Clowns – Vintage photos of clowns that will haunt your dreams. These would make excellent Facebook banners.

Deer Jaw Glasses – It’s a pity these were just done for a show and aren’t for sale.

Victorian Poop Table – Made of poop, that is; specifically coprolites. Also technically Georgian rather than Victorian. Whatever. It’s neat.

Freedom – The Carousel – Pretty artwork by Anne Wipf.

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