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The Noshing Dead

October 17th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Zombie ArmYou know what I love about running this blog? People occasionally send me pictures of apple tarts shaped like hacked-off arms and it’s perfectly normal.

I’ve mentioned creepy-food blog Kitchen Overlord previously, and intrepid blogger Chris-Rachael recently sent me a note:

I wanted to give you a heads up that I’m working on a Walking Dead cookbook. For the month of October, I’m releasing some extra gore-tastic recipes I think your readers would get a kick out of. For example:

Bloody Banana Guts

Brain Frittata

I’ve attached a sneak preview of my upcoming recipe for a sangria soaked apple tart shaped like Merle Dixon’s arm, post hacksaw. It even has a little flesh peeking from the gaping wrist.

I replied, “gack,” and she responded:

I’m kinda proud of this one:

Plucked Zombie Eye

It looks evil in a bloody red bowl of Thai curry. Evil and delicious.

Also, here’s the full step by step post for Merle Dixon’s Arm.

There’ll be a lot more of this disgusting awesomeness this month. I’m having way too much fun making my kitchen look like a crime scene.

So. If you’re looking to create a truly kickass zombie-based party menu, it looks like Kitchen Overlord is the place to be. Check it out!

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