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Unusual Haute Couture

November 26th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Dress by SabajiDress by Sabaji

“High fashion” tends to make me roll my eyes a whole lot, but I ran across these two designs by Jean Louis Sabaji and they strike me as something that could be turned to darker ends.

The spiky bits on the red-and-black dress are beads (click the thumbnail to see more detail), but I initially thought they were made of Sugru, and I suspect that a low-rent knockoff could be made exactly that way. At the very least, you could add some dragon spikes to shoulders or neck.

The butterflies on the other dress appear to be made of hard plastic. I love the 3-D effect, and a dress or blouse would look stunning dotted with bats or ravens cut from acrylic film.

Sabaji’s site has a back view of the red-and-black dress which shows that the spikes run across the upper back, making it at least theoretically possible to sit down whilst wearing it. There’s no back view of the butterfly dress but you would want to confine them to the upper areas of the back, lest they poke you in odd places when sitting.

If you’ve got a plain dress or shirt and feel like experimenting, these would be a really unusual way to give them a lift.

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