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December 4th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Taxidermied Two-Headed RatYou’d better clear your calendar before clicking this link because you’re going to be browsing for a while.

With a tagline of “Stay weird,” The Oddities Blog’s purpose is “to celebrate the weird and wild eccentricities throughout history.” It’s part medical curiosities in the vein of the Mütter Museum, part historical peculiarities, and part your crazy aunt’s attic.

Not only is this material fascinating for its own sake, much of it is a fantastic source of inspiration for art or props. There’s a lovely miniature curiosity collection which would be an amazing display piece or gift; it’d be fun to browse antique shops and thrift stores for treasures to display. There are lots of vintage medical illustrations and unusual woodcuts like this leaf from The Nuremberg Chronicle which would be great as part of a collage or scrapbook. And there are historical oddities like the relic which is purported to be the head of a possessed nun; a prop version would be a marvelous addition to a wunderkammer, particularly if you rigged it so that the eyes would occasionally glow red.

Note that a few of the images are technically NSFW, and more than a few are kind of squicky, so browse accordingly.

(Hat tip to pdq)

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