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The Manchurian Link Dump

January 10th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Puppet Cthulhu – This marionette Old One is just gorgeous.

Crocheted Skull Scarf – Fairly easy instructions for crotcheting a skully scarf (or just do individual skulls: Small ones for brooches, large ones for doilies). (via Kathy)

18th Century Hair – Indiegogo fundraiser for a book on the history and step-by-step techniques of styling hair and wigs into 18th-Century ‘dos.

Book Monsters – Adorable li’l leather bookmarks. Let Cthulhu keep an eye on your book for you. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

Bats – A few photos from the BoingBoing Flickr pool. The second one looks so shy.

Blood Milk Jewels – Unusual, gothy jewelry, including some neat planchette-shaped pieces. (via Burning Prairie)

Hips and Curves – Lingerie for curvier women, including some nice steampunk stuff.

Poison Toffee Apples – Although this is just a standard candy apple recipe with black gel coloring, I’m really impressed with how glossy and malevolent they look. For added creepiness, use (non-toxic) twigs with the bark stripped off one end for the skewers.

Tom Fowler’s Christmas Card – I didn’t see this until after the holidays, but it’s too wonderful not to share.

1860-1960 – Online source for stunning vintage clothing and accessories. I love this Victorian black lace cape.

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