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Sonic Wand

May 13th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Sonic Wand

This project is such a dense agglomeration of geeky goodness I’m surprised it doesn’t have its own event horizon. In some crossover universe where Doctor Who attended Hogwarts, he carries around a sonic wand like this one.

DIY enthusiast CabbitCastle’s original inspiration was the wooden Sonic Screwdriver Wand made by PraeclarusWands, but while that one was a (relatively) simple whittled-and-painted affair, his version is obsessively researched and highly detailed. I love that the blueprint includes a “Technomagical Coupler” where the sonic bit meets the wand bit.

He’s posted full instructions for building the wand, and he also has a tutorial for a TARDIS-inspired Ollivander’s box to house it. (He also has high-res images of the blueprint on Flickr which he says are free to print and hang as posters.)

His version, like the original, is carved wood. If you’ve got the skillset and woodworking tools, you should be able to make a similar one using his design. For the rest of us, I’m thinking that modifying one of the toy sonic screwdrivers might be a reasonable approach. The wand bit could be made with a whittled dowel, or even using this hot glue-and-paper method (which yields surprisingly good-looking results). Join the two bits with brass couplers from the hardware store plumbing aisle, then paint and distress as desired to give it a bit of authentic-looking wear.

Display the finished piece on a desk or wall, or cosplay with it wearing wizard robes and a fez.

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