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Uncommon Dragon Hoards

May 15th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Hoard of CheeseSmaug was an amateur: Like many other fairytale dragons he hoarded boring things like gold and jewels. Artist Lauren Dawson depicts dragons with much more interesting tastes.

After she posted her first set of uncommon dragon hoards, she started receiving commission requests for dragons with other peculiar interests. She’s cataloging them here and they’re all utterly charming.

She doesn’t currently sell prints, which makes me endlessly sad, because not only would the stuffed animal-hoarding dragon be perfect for decorating a child’s room, I know a few people who might benefit from the gift of a dragon who hoards yarn or teacups. On the bright side, she does take commissions and her prices are really quite reasonable: A dragon of your very own will apparently run around $40 (she’s backlogged at the moment, and no wonder). She also offers a range of other options, from sketches to full paintings.

I’m endlessly taken with the whimsical quality of her drawings, and would like several of her dragons to be my friends.

(via io9)

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