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One Flew Over the Link Dump

May 23rd, 2014 by Cobwebs

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki – Creator of surreal, creepy, life-size sculptures.

3D Tattoos – A roundup of really neat trompe l’oeil tattoos.

Cthulhu Sculpt – Believe it or not, this isn’t a digital image; it’s an astoundingly detailed resin sculpture. Dang.

Pocket Watch Terrariums – Teensy plants housed in pocket watch cases. (via Cat)

Gender-Swapped Animated Characters – Famous animated characters with their genders switched. I like Cruella de Vil and Jack & Sally in particular.

Edward Gorey Documentary Kickstarter – The base has been funded, but there’s still time to kick in for some of the stretch goals.

Make Your Own Wax Seal – Tutorial for making custom wax seals from metal buttons.

Classic Children’s Books Written for Adults – An amusing roundup of imaginary pages.

Plushie Butcher Shop – Art installation depicting a butcher shop where the meat is replaced by stuffed animals. The “sausages” made of foam stuffing are particularly clever.

Coloring Book Corruptions – NSFW. A site devoted to “altered” pages from coloring books. Guest contributions are welcomed.

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