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Another Doggone Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

November 13th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Dr. Mütter’s Marvels – A biography of the man behind the wonderful Mütter Museum. There’s a description and excerpt at BoingBoing.

Tortured Candles – Super-easy idea for making creepy Hellraiser-esque candles.

Japanese Candy Bugs – The Red Tent Coffee Shop in Aomori Prefecture sells some amazingly lifelike grubs and caterpillars, complete with gooey filling.

Ghosts in the Machines – Collectors Weekly did a “deep dive” of Victorian Spiritualism. (Hat tip to Lisa)

Supper-Natural – The Tree Lobsters amuse me.

Edgar Allan Poe Candy – Grape flavor; comes packaged in a “book.” There’s also lemon-flavored Shakespeare candy.

13 Classic Scenes That Explain How Horror Movies Work – Interesting overview of techniques that directors use to make effective horror. (via Bruno)

The Bureau of Communication – Fill out detailed forms like “Statement of Gratitude” and “Acknowledgement of Occasion.”

Cerberus in a Can – Marvelous 3D-printed (and articulated!) skeletal Cerberus. It and several other cryptids-in-a-can are available on Etsy.

The Story of Dolores Jane Umbridge – J.K. Rowling wrote a short profile of Professor Umbridge for the Pottermore site.

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