The Art of Darkness

There’s a Short Story in Here Somewhere

April 9th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Part of my blog analytics are search terms that bring people to this site, and occasionally I’ll browse through them and wonder about the motivation behind searches for “bed cthulhu” or “facehugger sex toy” (and also wonder whether the same person searched for both terms; they seem somehow squickily related). This one turned up the other day:

accidentally bought christmas wraith

The logical explanation, of course, is that somebody just misspelled “wreath” and wound up here entirely by accident. In this case, however, I am choosing to ignore logic in favor of the much more appealing image of somebody frantically googling for help whilst a holly-trimmed ghoul swooshes around their head.

You can almost hear the letter of complaint being written. “To whom it may concern: What I assumed was a typo on your order form….”


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