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Crop Circle Art

April 16th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Crop CircleLaughing Squid recently posted about a Kickstarter for Crop Circle Towels, featuring woven designs inspired by the “mysterious” formations. I’m mentioning it here because I am dumb and it had never occurred to me to consider crop circles as a design element. There will be a short pause whilst I slap my forehead really hard.

Although some crop circles are just, y’know, circular, a lot of the more recent ones have intricate geometric designs. They’d be lovely on a quilt, either appliqued as part of the pattern or outlined in quilted stitching. A sampler of different formations would be a fun cross-stitch project, and they could also be used as stencils for painting walls or furniture.

Doing an image search on “crop circles” brings up loads of photos that could be used as reference or inspiration. I love this montage (from here); wouldn’t that be a gorgeous quilt?

If you don’t have the CAD skills or graphic software to translate a photo into a pattern, search “crop circle designs” for black-and-white drawings that can just be printed out and used directly. (In doing that search, I also discovered that crop circle tattoos are a thing. Huh. Anyway, this one is pretty.)

If you’ve got the ambition and space, you could also get back to the roots (so to speak) of the designs and plant a garden in one of the simpler patterns; you could use pebbles to create the lines between plants, or just intersperse plants of different colors.

Even if you don’t believe that The Truth is Out There, these patterns are attractive in their own right and would be a fun way to add a little geometric weirdness to your surroundings.

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