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DuBarry Was a Link Dump

June 5th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Black Ghost Playing Cards – Attractive deck of black Bicycle cards. There’s a neat Sideshow Freaks design, too.

Mad Max: Protector – Wonderful parody ad in which Imperator Furiosa is a spokeswoman for tampons. It is deeply splendid.

Brain Specimen Coasters – Set of stackable glass coasters, each with a different cross-section of brain printed on it.

There’s a Special Kind of Wolf Spider That “Purrs” – Not really, since it doesn’t make the sound itself (it generates the buzz by vibrating leaves), but now all I can think of is how awesome a cat-sized spider that purrs would be.

Squishable Mothman – This is clearly a very snuggly cryptid. The same company has a squishable Cerberus, Yeti, Werewolf, and several others.

Bag of Defective Unicorns (Still Magical) – Give the gift of defective unicorns!

Tiny Hamster is a Giant Monster – Amusing video featuring Hamzilla. There is, somewhat astonishingly, a related book.

Click-clack the Rattlebag – New “exclusive online” short story by Neil Gaiman.

Murder as a Fine Art – Victorian-era thriller featuring Thomas de Quincey as an amateur detective. There’s also a sequel, Inspector of the Dead. BoingBoing has a short review of the latter here.

Skull Fury Ankle Boots – Cute boots with silver skull buckles.

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