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Dirty Rotten Link Dumps

June 26th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Lawn Dragons – Etsy shop Flamingo Incognito upcycles plastic lawn flamingos into dapper dragons.

Texts from Edgar Allen Poe – “you know like how when a bird looks at you so much that you can’t leave the house” (Also, unlike most sites, The Toast’s user comments are nearly as good as the post itself.)

Bat-Crocodile Wars – A clip from a BBC documentary showing crocodiles hunting flying foxes, “enhanced” with special effects.

Allison Road – Brief look at an upcoming horror video game that’s being compared to the Silent Hill series.

The Other Girls – ‘Toon from Perry Bible Fellowship.

Trilobite Cookies – Easy instructions for making little chocolatey arthropods using one of those gun-shaped cookie press thingies.

Modest Medusa – Entertaining webcomic about a young medusa from the mystical land of Yeld who accidentally winds up in the real world. (Hat tip to DeVries)

Triceratops Dog Costume – Horned headpiece that allows you to turn your dog into a ceratopsian. I adore this action shot from a customer, particularly the “are you serious?” side-eye.

Chorus – This rather creepy video featuring a disturbing “mouth” was part of a motion graphics exhibition. (Hat tip to pdq)

10 Myths About Spiders – Some common myths debunked.

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