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Oh No! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps

July 6th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Will the link dumps never end?!? Not this week, that’s for darn sure.

Crayola Horrors – Flashbak has a roundup of drawings from weird vintage coloring books.

We Are All Completely Fine – Novella which follows the “final survivors” of various horror movie-esque tragedies as they speak to a therapist who finally seems to believe them.

My Beautiful Monsters – Etsy shop full of extremely squee-worthy plush monsters.

Not all Australian animals are deadly… – A description of one of the exceptions. (Hat tip to xJane) Bonus link: Down in the Reddit thread for this, somebody posted a .gif of the way they move when startled.

The Most Metal Deaths in Middle-earth, Ranked – “Gandalf’s death was so metal he came back to life a different fucking color.”

Sort of Coal Soap – The Danish company that makes charcoal water purifiers also sells pure-black charcoal soap in case you want to goth up your daily shower. They also offer black shampoo.

The Entopod – A design student has created a “starter kit” for eating bugs.

Ask the Past – Blog devoted to “advice from old books,” curated by a historian. She’s recently published a related book.

Bat Sculpture – Lovely steampunky metal bat by Igor Verniy.

Eating Dungeons & Dragons Iron Rations – Long video exploring the “iron rations” that feed adventurers in D&D campaigns. This would be a handy resource for LARPing. (via Propnomicon)

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