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The Link Dump Over Innsmouth

July 17th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire – YA book about a teenage vampire doomed to be 15 forever.

Look Behind You – Fun Halloween song by The Gaslight Troubadours. (Hat tip to pdq)

Final Girls – Web-based conversation game which imagines a group therapy session for Final Girls from various popular horror movies. (Their therapist is “Ellen,” who may look oddly familiar.)

ABCDisgusting – Kickstarter for a children’s alphabet book about gross things, from the same group who did “The Princess Who Saved Herself.”

Tattoos Inspired by Books – Each photo is captioned with a short description of why the owner chose that particular illustration or quote.

Walker StalkerWalking Dead-themed cruise scheduled for next January, with several actors from the series attending. The ship has no scheduled stop at Haiti, which seems like a terrible missed opportunity.

Made From History – Neat educational site devoted to making history more accessible. You can browse short articles on the Roman diet, Dark Age funerals, and propaganda posters from the Spanish Civil War. There are also sister sites devoted to science and media.

Period Thoughts – Tumblr discussion which started out about maxi-pad design and ended as a comic pitch that I would totally read.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk – Some things should remain unpinned.

Kay’s Fudge – This is one of the most useful epitaphs I’ve ever seen. (Hat tip to xJane, and special mention of Cat’s comment, “And look, right there is a marble slab.”)

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