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August 7th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Frockasaurus – Etsy shop specializing in alt clothing and cosplay stuff. I particularly like their damask skirt with a subtle Cthulhu design.

Jackalope Tracking Patch – Embroidered patch from the fictional Cryptozoology Tracking Society, featuring everyone’s favorite antlered rabbit. There are also Jersey Devil and Flatwoods Monster versions. (via Rattus)

Meet the Living People who Collect Dead Human Remains – Interesting article about people who collect bones and other human remains.

Why I Staged My Wedding Photos in a Coffin – The answer could just as easily be, “Why not?” but this article goes into some of the other reasons. (Hat tip to Jes)

Combat Kitchenware – Skillets with sword-hilt handles. This was a successfully-funded Kickstarter, but the associated website seems to be down so I’m just linking to the campaign page.

Walking Dead Beer – The Terrapin Brewing Company is releasing an officially-licensed Walking Dead “Blood Orange IPA.”

Goth Box – Kickstarter for a monthly subscription package of gothy stuff.

“Goodnight, Mommy” Trailer – I don’t usually bother with horror movie trailers, but this looks like it could be pretty decent.

Mermaid Tail Blanket – Pattern for a cute crocheted “mermaid tail” blanket.

Unicorns Are Jerks – Coloring book which exposes “the cold, hard, sparkly truth.” The same artist also has coloring books entitled, Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace, Dinosaurs With Jobs, and Mer World Problems (“You have to leave the sea kingdom to get tacos”).

p.s. – I’m going to be dragged, kicking and shrieking, away from the computer for a week. Due to the magic of advance scheduling blog posts will continue as usual, but if you email and I don’t respond I’m not ignoring you. (Or am I? Muwahahahaha.)

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