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Zounds! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

August 13th, 2015 by Cobwebs

CHYRZA – A “flash-fiction horror story” game in which you explore a surreal desert watched over by a frightening pyramid. There’s a review here. (The author, Kitty Horrorshow, is also responsible for the creepy text game hornets.)

Harry Potter-Inspired Recipes – Roundup of recipes from various sites; there are some great ideas for Potter-themed party food.

Skull Playing Cards – You can never have too many skull-decorated things.

Real Monstrosities – This Tumblr full of bizarre animals is obviously deeply confused about the difference between “monstrous” and “awesome.” (via Bill)

Pumpkin Prouty – Etsy shop specializing in spooky nesting dolls with themes like the Addams Family, NMBC, and classic slasher villains.

Human Pelts – A look at the practice of preserving tattooed skin after death.

Digita Vaticana Oculus – The first fruits of the effort to digitize the Vatican Library’s collection is now online: 500 manuscripts and 600 incunabula. Business Insider has some images and more information about the project.

Newly-Discovered Peacock Spider – This new species has a gorgeous blue mask and an adorable mating dance.

Stefano Prina – Rings and decorative accessories made with taxidermy eyes.

8 Creepy Internet Characters that Became Urban Legends – A roundup from Urban Ghosts.

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