The Art of Darkness

Still Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 3

February 10th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Dem Bones – Sells skull-shaped sugar cubes (including a large apothecary jar full), soap, and other skully goodies.

Critter Compendium – “Daily drawings of creatures, cryptids, yokai and other miscellaneous monsters,” along with a short description of their characteristics.

Things you should know about the original Dracula – Helpful bulletpoints.

What if Tim Burton directed all Disney classic movies? – Artist Andrew Tarusov has done a series of illustrations depicting classic animated Disney films in the style of Tim Burton. I’d watch the hell out of these.

Kiva Ford – Glass artist who creates unusual sculptures, many with a gothy bent. I particularly like Memento Mori, and the miniature body parts under glass (like eyes and hearts). There’s also an Etsy shop.

SM Dad – This amused me mightily.

Black Heart Soap – Tutorial for making Joan Jett-inspired melt-and-pour soap.

Octopus Stuffies Flickr Pool – Several years ago futuregirl created a cute felted octopus pattern (which inspired one of the most wonderful Christmas trees ever). This is a set of photos uploaded by people who made the pattern, and there are some neat variant ideas: A coin purse, bride and groom cake toppers, and cat toys. There’s some nicely Cthulhoid inspiration to be had.

Swingin’ at the Seance – Interesting Halloween-themed album featuring spooky songs from the 1920s – 1940s. Might be fun to have for a retro party.

Harry Clarke Illustrations – 50 Watts has good-quality scans of Clarke’s illustrations for Faust, the works of Poe, and several others.

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