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How Green Was My Link Dump

February 26th, 2016 by Cobwebs

The Kitten Covers – Classic album covers re-created (rather faithfully, really) with kittens. The site doesn’t display the original cover alongside, which is a pity; Sad and Useless has a few for comparison.

Warrior Women Wednesdays – “Every week of this year I’ll be doing a drawing of a battlin’ lady from history.”

Staked Heart Hand Pies – Recipe for strawberry hand pies with chocolate stakes.

8 Authors to Follow – The “women in horror” edition. (via Jan)

The Setup Wizard – The “daily accounts of a Muggle I.T. guy working at Hogwarts.” These sound entirely plausible.

Bats and Moon Throw Pillow – Tutorial for a cute throw pillow that looks like a flock of bats in front of the moon.

Vampire Magician – Dracula doing (bad) magic tricks is kind of adorable. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Orphan Club: ORIGINS – I love it when The Bloggess goes full stream-of-consciousness.

The Skullmate – This ceramic skull with a fabric cap is a sculpture, but a DIY version would make a cute pincushion. The Tiny Tim skulls from SkeletonStore have a pop-off noggin and are about the right size.

Joining the Internet of the Dead – This BoingBoing post and its linked articles discuss the increasingly-tangled online presences that the deceased leave behind, and how it’s important to make sure your survivors have the necessary access.

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