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All the World’s a Link Dump

May 6th, 2016 by Cobwebs

FraterOrion – Artist who makes all kinds of creepy sculpted items, including these Lovecraftian bottles.

Rat Bag – This cute rat-shaped tote bag has sold, but it looks reasonably DIY-able. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Maor Zabar Hats – Etsy shop full of completely bananas headwear featuring spiders or shaped like carnivorous plants. There’s a “featured shop” article on the Etsy blog.

How to Make a Fairy House – Some cute ideas for making miniature garden dwellings.

10 of the Most Disturbing Folk Songs in History – A little something to add to the playlist.

Eldritch T-Swift – “she wears high heels; all my feet are bare. she’s cheer captain, and i live deep under the bleachers, watching, my mandibles gently clicking” (Hat tip to xJane)

17 Bloody Facts About ‘Friday the 13th’ – A roundup.

BoringSidney – Etsy shop specializing in “Unusual hats and headdresses.” The Vampire Squid Fascinator cracks me up.

16 Real Old-Timey Photographs That Will Give you Nightmares – Some odd vintage photos, courtesy of Cracked.

Gothic Charm School – The Lady of the Manners offers advice on how to be a better black-clad freak.

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