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Gilligan’s Link Dump

May 27th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Flez – Etsy shop full of bat-related items. Look at these squee-worthy magnets.

Funko Dark Crystal – Funko just announced a new series of figurines. There’s even a teensy Fizzgig.

Gothic “Beach Reads” – Goth Shopaholic has a roundup of gloomy summer reading.

Lego Abandoned Victorian Houses – Master Builder Mike Doyle created some amazingly-detailed “haunted houses” out of Lego bricks.

Michael is Coming Home – There’s a new, John Carpenter-approved, Halloween movie in the works.

The Dictionary of Victorian London – A phenomenal resource for anyone interested in Victorian London. See also The Cat’s Meat Shop, a sort of blog/appendix.

Who Wants to Live Forever – The Tenors do a gothy cover of Queen.

Living with the Dead – A look at cemeteries with alternate uses. I sort of love the restaurant one. (Hat tip to pdq)

Veggiemancer – Cute animated short in which a young “veggiemancer” accidentally creates a turnip monster.

Merrylin Cryptid Museum – Gaff-maker extraordinare Alex CF has a wonderful fictional museum of oddities. (Hat tip to DeVries)

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