The Art of Darkness

The Link Dump in Winter

August 26th, 2016 by Cobwebs

The Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box – Big video playlist of goth music. (via Dark Side of the Net)

Lego Calaveras – UK artist David Hughes makes Day of the Dead skulls from Lego bricks.

A Wild Swan: And Other Tales – Collection of stories which explores “the moments that our fairy tales forgot or deliberately concealed: the years after a spell is broken, the rapturous instant of a miracle unexpectedly realized, or the fate of a prince only half cured of a curse.”

Who the fuck is my #DND character? – Random character generator for D&D. Roll the stats for “old-fashioned Half-orc Sorcerer from the forked islands who was kidnapped by cultists,” “loud Half-elf Rogue from the base of a volcano who carries a charmed locket that they can’t open,” “motivated Gnome Paladin from a city with towers that rival the clouds who has an irrational fear of cats,” and many others.

Out of Milk – One of Cath Garvey’s many amusing comics. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

People Being Stabbed in Medieval Art and Lovin’ It – The comments on this are entertaining as well.

A Beetlejuice Musical is Coming in Broadway – Oh, god.

Skeleton Scarf – Cute, reasonably inexpensive, skelly scarf.

Octokitten seeks Nom Friend for Tooth Hug. Mantis Declines Indignantly. – The thought balloons on this video are kind of adorable.

The Anticore – Iguanamouth considers reverse manticores.

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Teen Slasher Music Video Parody

August 24th, 2016 by Cobwebs

There are a zillion horror movie references in this thing. It is awesome.

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Link Dumps of Our Fathers

August 19th, 2016 by Cobwebs

The Paper Magician – First book in a series involving magic-workers who are bound to one particular substance, such as paper, metal, or glass.

Absinthe Salon – Steampunky establishment in Sydney.

Devil’s Trap Skirt – Easy tutorial for a Supernatural-inspired circle skirt.

Mini Graveyard Kit – 25 polymer resin tombstones, gargoyles, and other cemetery decorations for a terrarium or particularly gothy fairy garden.

Skull Walker – This skull scuttles along on mechanical legs, right into your nightmares.

Fuck Yeah Tarot Decks – A curated collection of Tarot art.

What Do Goths Eat for Breakfast? – A guide, of sorts.

The Wand Company – Some neat fantasy and SF props, including a wand which incorporates a universal remote control so you can “magically” control your entertainment system.

In Defense of Villainesses – “she’s never ever cute or soft or scared of you.”

Conan the Salaryman – Amusing novelty Twitter account. “Conan pointed his blade at the intruder. ‘I’ve claimed this room by blood and steel!’ he roared. ‘And the meeting room reservation system!'”

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Blazing Link Dumps

August 12th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Everlasting Gobstopper Pin – Enamel brooch shaped like the Gene Wilder-era Wonka product.

A History of Horror – Short video essay which “proposes a timeline of influential and aesthetically beautiful horror movies around the world since 1895 until 2016.”

Taylor Custom – “Fun and accurate science gifts,” including things like a tortoise pendant whose shell flips up to reveal its innards, lots of human anatomy jewelry, and snake drawer pulls.

Klingon Cuddle Dungeon – This needs to be a thing in the next Star Trek movie.

The Candy Shop – The longer you look at this painting by Nikolai Lockertsen, the creepier it gets.

Boris Karloff’s Guacamole Recipe – As a fan of both Karloff and guacamole, I am intrigued. As a native of Southern California, all I can think is, “Who the hell puts sherry in guacamole?!?!?”

The Mystery of Hieronymus Bosch – Interesting article about the artist and his work.

Christopher Lee Reads Dracula – Audio of Lee reading the book. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Feel Afraid – This comic is sort of adorable.

19 “Spirited Away” Items – Soot Sprite Snacks!

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The Sound and the Link Dump

August 5th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Imperial March in a Major Key – Just as playing cheerful music in a minor key can turn it into something sinister, giving Darth Vader’s theme the reverse treatment makes it sound like “the world’s happiest graduation day celebration.”

Snow White House – This fairy-tale cottage is currently for sale.

Splash Remake – Disney is doing a gender-swapped remake of Splash starring Channing Tatum as a merman. Because what the world really needs is a gender-swapped remake of Splash.

Alnwick Garden – A look at the “poison garden” in England. I want the gates for my own garden.

Butterbeer Cookies – Harry Potter-inspired recipe that sounds yummy.

Mermaid Crowns – There’s some neat DIY inspiration for a Sea Witch-type crown.

The Devil’s Midwife – Since the site is LiarTownUSA I’m certain that this alleged pub sign is ‘shopped, but if this was a real pub they would get all of my business.

Tacky Krampus Sweater – Neat altered sweater done by what amounts to cross-stitching over a knitted sweater rather than knitting by hand.

Cockroach Milk – Researchers have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its babies a protein-rich substance that’s being eyed as a future “superfood” for humans. Yum!

Bat Wing Boots – The wings appear to be a separate piece that are just laced on, so a DIY version might be possible.

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Seen Online

August 3rd, 2016 by Cobwebs

I like to imagine that Satan has this adorable goat pen out back where he lovingly tends to all the goats that have been sacrificed to him.

Always a bridesmaid, never the Brideslord, summoning the nation’s brides to war with a mighty blast of the brideshorn.

12yo: Can we go to a haunted house this year?
Me: What’s wrong with the one we live in?
12yo: WHAT?!
Me: Goodnight, son.

Blood’s thicker than water, so remember to pull back on the flour a bit when you substitute it into your baking.

It’s more accurate to say “deaths were postponed” than “lives were saved”

I want to create an alternative to ‘Pokémon Go’ called ‘Cthulhu Run.’ instead of chasing down Pokémon, various Lovecraftian entities spawn continuously and pursue you.

you may not think your brain is a supervillain. but 1) its called Brain and 2) it lives in a skull fortress

I was thinking about the Grim Reaper recently. They’re not tied to any particular religion, they just personify death and collect the soul and take them…where? What if they’re like afterlife HR?

“So hey! You’re right on time! Okay, your chart says ‘Hellenic.’ Got your coin for the ferryman? No?! Alright, here’s the deal: sign here, River Styx is down the next hall on the left, but you can’t cross for another hundred years. Hey, I don’t make the rules! What do you think a last will and testament’s for, Felix?!”

“Gina! Almost had you there in ’93 with that heart attack, eh? Eh? Anyway, Catholic, right? Hang a left, St. Peter’s waiting behind the gates, he’ll give you your assignment.”

“Hey boss, this one didn’t believe in afterlife or having a soul– I’m headed to my next appointment.”

“Sanjay! Nice long life you had there, buddy. So you remember where the Great Revolving Door of Reincarnation is– oh wait! You qualify for nirvana! Look at you!”

“So Sam, you’re…agnostic. Come to my office, we’ll discuss your options.”


Here upon this dead-end query, while you googled weak and weary,
Over many a faint and spurious result of quality poor;
While you nodded, nearly drowsing, suddenly you came here browsing,
As you pressed on calmly drowsing, browsing to this webserver;
“At last, I found it,” you muttered, “surely what I’m searching for!”
Quoth the server, “404.”
— 404 message from unnamed webserver, via DeVries

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