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The Clue of the Broken Link Dump

September 29th, 2017 by Cobwebs

Trick or Treat Giveaway 2017 – Halloween Artist Bazaar is holding an art basket giveaway.

Mythology Bot – Twitter bot which tweets fragments of the Motif-index of folk-literature. It’s kind of a surreal feed, but it might be handy for D&D inspiration.

Terry Gilliam’s Lost Animations from Monty Python and the Holy Grail Are Now Online – The official Python YouTube channel is sharing animations that didn’t make it into the movie.

Silvia Wild Creations – Etsy shop featuring cute little needle-felted creatures, including a bunch of adorable spiders.

Simpsons Coraline Parody – Neil Gaiman will be lending his voice to this year’s Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

Morticia Gloves – Free crochet pattern for some pretty spiderweb gloves.

Nessie on the Net – Livestreams from cameras at Loch Ness. You can use your coffee break to try to catch a glimpse of Nessie, and even if you don’t succeed it’s fun to watch the sheep.

Metallic Skull Candle – These taper candles are attractive.

LOTR Drug Wars – Twitter thread espousing an interesting fan theory.

Vampire Bat Wipertag – This fits over a car’s rear windshield wiper and makes it look like the bat is flitting back and forth. The company offers several other Halloween-related tags.

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