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The Mystery of the Brass-Bound Link Dump

December 22nd, 2017 by Cobwebs

Bone Forest Gifts – Etsy shop specializing in intricate, creepy, gorgeous 3-D printed jewelry. The skull spiders are particularly unsettling. (via Spooky Moon)

A Plea to Resurrect the Christmas Tradition of Telling Ghost Stories – A lot of Christmas carols make some mention of telling ghost stories. This is why.

Dr. Terrible’s House of Horrible – Series which parodies British horror films of the 60s and 70s; which, in the case of Hammer Films, would be sort of difficult. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Dear Satan – Amusing animated short, narrated by Patrick Stewart.

A Dickensian Alphabet – A worthy ‘toon from Tom Gauld.

Victorian Ghost Signatures – Video discussing the short-lived Victorian fad for creating Rorschach-y images from signatures. Atlas Obscura also has an article about it here (via xJane)

ClockworkCreature – Twitter feed for a costume and creature effects studio, where they share in-progress photos. I love this skullfaced fox.

Yule Goat Costume – This is some gorgeous cosplay.

The Vagabond Tabby – Soaps, salves, and other stuff for your skin.

The Uncanny Valley of Babies – If Reborns weren’t quite creepy enough for you, now there’s Werepups. (Hat tip to Bruno)

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